Sunday, December 07, 2008

Silver And Gold

Silver and Gold

I finally took the plunge and purchased the Canon 580 EX-II flash. The price included an instant rebate and I was able to use a couple of Visa gift cards I received as a rebate from our cell phone purchase. I've been playing around with settings and think I'm really going to enjoy the dedicated flash. But as is always the way, now I'm longing for the wireless adapter for off-camera use. That'll have to wait.

The weather has been downright nasty with more snow on the way. It seems we went straight to the icky, ugly snow of winter skipping the soft, fluffy snow that glistens and glimmers. With the winter gripping tightly, I'm sure I'll have even more time to practice with the flash. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to take the kind of photos I want of my parents.

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Shirley said...

Congrats! I finally had the time to sit down to figure out how to use the SB600 off-camea for my Nikon. Even better, we realized we could shoot both our SB600's off-camera, triggered by Nikon's wireless system. Can't wait to experiment more with it. Love this shot, BTW!

Trish said...

It's fun getting new camera gear, isn't it? I've asked Santa for a telephoto lens . . . but it might have to wait until my birthday after Christmas.

Yes, the weather . . . it went from fall to nasty. *bleh*