Monday, December 08, 2008



Poor SallyCat has a bladder infection. Thankfully, they have a shot for the antibiotic now. Unfortunately, her she most likely has a thyroid condition (hyper-active) that will require daily medication for the rest of her life. Lucky us, eh? I should find out tomorrow. The doctor did a complete chem panel. Today's trip cost me $313.00!! Ouch.

And as I was coming home from the grocery store with treats and such to give her the medication, I realized that travel will now be difficult. I won't be able to leave her home alone for a few days. She'll need boarding or pet sitting services just for the daily medication. I wonder if my mother would mind SallyCat coming for a visit?

*Now playing: Merry Christmas Baby by Elvis Presley & Gretchen Wilson - Elvis Presley Christmas Duets


Beth said...

awwww, poor Sally Cat. I hope she feels better soon, and the vet bill? OUCH!

I love your dog.

Trish said...

Poor ol' kitty!

Looks like they are getting into the holiday spirit though ;)