Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sally the Elf


SallyCat as an elf, take 2. It's not so easy trying to focus on the eyes and keep her looking up at me. These could be sharper. Overall, I am pleased. Her bladder infection is healing and I'm giving her thyroid medication twice daily. She's so motivated by the treat, she gobbles up the pill, too. Hope that continues but with the luck I've had, she'll soon decide to find the pill and spit it out.

Stay warm and safe.

*Now playing: Born On Christmas Day by Kristin Chenoweth - A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas


Anonymous said...

Sally if the most beautiful elf I have ever seen! I love these shots, so festive and fun. Glad she is recovering from her illness. I hate when pets are not feeling well.

Anonymous said...

I love this! She's a trouper!

Anonymous said...

She sure is being a good sport about the whole thing!