Friday, October 03, 2008

The Week


I spent a few days in Ohio celebrating my father's birthday. He turned 81 on Monday!! The cake was good even though not where we wanted to get his cake. He normally bakes the cakes so we wanted to buy one.

Now I'm home waiting on the cable guy after receiving a wake-up call saying he'd be here in 10 minutes. That was over an hour ago. I'm really, really frustrated and thinking I should have gone with AT&T U-Verse instead of Comcast Cable. I could have taken a shower but no, instead I sit here with many things to do and wait.


Shirley said...

What a festive cake! I know he had to be delighted to have you there to celebrate with him!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Bonnie's Dad! That cake looks so pretty and I bet it was good.
I hate, hate, hate dealing with our cable company. They never come when they say, it is like we have nothing better to do, but sit around and wait for them. They have us trapped.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Beth said...

WHERE in Ohio????!!!!! I"M in Ohio too!!!