Friday, September 26, 2008



The honey locust tree always changes color early but we are seeing more and more color. Cool nights and warms days are perfect.

On other fronts, I'm wondering how difficult it would be to do my own highlights (in my hair)? Wishing M were  here to possibly help. I'm too cheap and lazy to go to the shop and it's been many years since I have paid to have them done. But that's probably what I'll do, pay to a few around my face. The hair just looks so dark in photos but it's not really.

And like I need another obsession, Lensbaby has totally redesigned their line and now I want the composer.


Shirley said...

I love the graceful beauty of this shot.

I have an appt. to have my hair done Wednesday. Going to try to grow it out to get it styled like Diane Lane's in Nights in Rodanthe. For some reason, I fell in love with her hair, but I like her anyway.

Good luck on the hair!

Trish said...

Hair color is possibly the best invention ever - and the do-it-your-self stuff is getting better all the time. Go for it!

Eileen said...

This shot just speaks to me, directly to my heart. Something about it captures the beauty of my favorite season and all the wonderful feelings that come with it.

Stick with the professionals for the hair. It is worth the money and time, in my humble opinion. Plus, it is nice to sit there and let someone just focus and pamper you. I bet it will look great.

Thanks for your support. It helps, it helps a lot.


Cheryl said...

I deleted life of triggers. Please visit me at my new "home"

Cindi said...

it's all about the hair.
and i'm terribly remiss in visiting your blog, but i LOVE the new furniture - quite contemporary, yet comfy.
and i'm ordering a compose tomorrow. OMG! the new line is incredible!!! i'm actually happy for craig and sam and the team; this might really put them on the map.