Saturday, October 04, 2008


While I was at my parents' house and knowing what was to come... I thought a bottle of wine would be in order. Only thing, I normally bring wine from home along with my own corkscrew. Not this time, the purchase was a whim while wandering the isles at Sam's Club. I was forced to use one of these.IMG_2264copy

Resulting in.....


A floating cork. The screw part was just too big and I barely had the chance to twist before the cork went into the bottle resulting in a string of words that I cannot repeat here!! I can say that a floating cork makes pouring that last glass rather interesting. Think I'll buy a corkscrew for their house! But come to think about it, maybe it was just me and my brute strength.

Sorry for the harshness of the lighting. It was too dark and I used the flash.

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