Friday, May 30, 2008


Caribou Coffee

The other day, I found myself at our local Caribou Coffee. It was early, far earlier than I am accustomed. I walked up to the counter and placed my order, carrying my non-branded traveler. I made the ultimate faux pas by ordering a Grande instead of a Medium. My gripe is the rudeness I encountered as the Barista stood there and said excuse me, twice. Not do you mean medium. Nope, had to make me feel like a fool.... I wish I said, oh you mean this isn't Starbucks, never mind. Instead I apologized, ordered a medium and drank my coffee and did not leave a small tip as is my custom at coffeehouses.

it is disappointing, the trend in customer service. A few months ago, I found myself ordering a latte at a Seattle's Best Coffee at a Borders. I asked for my usual, splenda added. I was told they couldn't mix that for me that the coffee bar was over there. The reasoning, not sanitary. How is that? The coffee bar, with its trash bin in the center, was disgusting. That was more sanitary? How is opening a splenda packet any less sanitary than pumping a syrup? It's not out of laziness that I ask for the splenda to be added. I prefer it to be mixed directly with the espresso, not stirred in on top.

I think I will continue to frequent Starbucks.


Shirley said...

We were so disgusted with customer service in Nashville before we left!! Customers were an intrusion, it seemed. So far, and I'm sure we WILL encounter the negative here as well, we have been pleasantly surprised by the courtest we have encountered. Hoping it continues!

Photobonnie said...

And on the flip side, I heard somebody order a medium at Starbucks and the barista/cashier rang it as a Grande (which is a medium elsewhere). No high brow attitude.