Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polaroid Fun


North Point Lighthouse 

Polaroid offers such a unique perspective. Two images, taken moments apart and the sky takes on different hues as the exposure is adjusted for the backlighting. I was just playing around and knew that I couldn't get the entire lighthouse in the photo from this vantage point. This is North Point Lighthouse in Milwaukee, Wi (Lake Michigan). The restoration of this lighthouse has been vast. If we'd arrived 30 minutes earlier, I would have toured it but as it was, closed. Just my luck.

It's almost time for LOST so I'll be posting and running but not necessarily hiding. On a side note, I edited these on my notebook computer so the contrast might be off. When I edit a Polaroid, I try to make the scan look like the photo and not correct for the exposures.

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Cindi said...

this SO rocks. you are such a talent.