Sunday, June 01, 2008

Class of 2008


It was a beautiful day, filled with tears, laughter and hope for a bright future as the CLS class of 2008 graduated. I handled it far better than I expected, perhaps because I was hiding behind the lens of a camera. Plus, I wanted to make sure the day was for her. The Mister, he's having more trouble. It's just hard to believe that this day arrived. When she was born and as is the habit, you begin to see important dates and think, 2008, that's so far away! It's a new century, for cryin' out loud. But as time will do, even as individual days pass at a snail's pace, the years seem to fly by at warp speed. And I know this summer will pass at warp speed or beyond.

On a side-note, we dined at a mid-to upscale steakhouse (lots of gift cards helped us pay our way) and who should sit down behind us? Brian Urlacher (linebacker) and Greg Olsen (tight end) of the Chicago Bears. Not being huge Bears fans (can you say Packer's fans at out table), it was still pretty neat. They were with wives/girlfriends. Also, with Sex and the City premiering this week, rather large groups of women, all drinking Cosmos. With each Cosmos consumed, their volume level rose one notch.

At the end of the day, my stupidity was clear. I was sleeveless during the morning's festivities and forgot to apply sun block. My arms look like a lobster and they hurt. With that, I think I'll go in search of coffee and maybe a donut. Have a great Sunday.

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Beth said...

that is a fantastic picture and worth it's weight in gold. I love it! and it is hard to see them graduate and moveon with their lives, but I'm getting used to it! Now it's YOUR turn!!

Shirley said...

I boo-hoo at every graduation I attend, and especially when it's family!!!

Cindi said...

i think that's why i love photography so much... it allows me to hide behind my lens and be a voyeur. it's excellent coverage for picking up on what others don't. and also a great camouflage.
i laughed at the sex and the city comment. after DIL and i saw it we thought about ordering cosmos, but decided it was too cliche. ;-)