Friday, May 09, 2008




The links I shared yesterday were a result of an email I was sent. I was suspicious of the last statements and went in search of the original. The original and many more from the author can be a real eye-opener.

"You might not be able to shake the inner tension today and it can be quite annoying. You want to make a point, but wonder if you will be able to stand up for your beliefs. Actually you are more tenacious than usual and won't give up without a fight. Although your inner voice is telling you let it go, think again before going silent. You may be better off if you take a chance and say what you feel."~Rick Levine Horoscope.

When writing yesterday's short post, I had doubts about leaving it in place. I even disabled commenting. Then, I saw my horoscope for yesterday and it mirrored my doubts. I have left it stand.  I have many doubts when it comes to writing. I doubt if anybody reads it. I doubt if they do read it, will they come back or hold it against me, that I believe in something different.

It is always easier to make a joke, babble about the inane than to take a stand. And you know what, that goes for those running for office. Take a stand. Stop the rhetoric and political pandering. And if your stand is one that faces opposition (what stand doesn't), learn to live with the consequences. And remember this, flippant remarks hurt when you speak them, just as they hurt you when spoken by others.

I will leave comments open this time.


Shirley said...

I enjoyed reading it.

Eileen said...

I think you are brave. I have been keeping mum, for the fear you described. I APPRECIATE the links, very much. I am not very political, but I like to be informed. I had my mind made up, and your link just confirmed what I already felt. So thank you.

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Shirley (somehow I knew you would) and Eileen. All people need to do is make an informed decision. The media, including the articles I linked, are just one source.