Saturday, May 10, 2008

Heaven Help Me

Patriot Guard

Song lyrics that made me do a double-take when I heard it play on XM Radio today.

I have wounded those who love me
And refused to take the blame
I have hidden all my demons
But I cannot hide my shame
I've forgotten who I am
But I know you know me well
Heaven help me
Heaven help me
'Cause I can't help myself — Gretchen Wilson

The song was so softly sung that I doubted my ears. Is this really The Red-Necked Woman? But soon, I found myself sinking deep into the lyrics and went in search of the song. It's on a CD we don't have but I may buy it soon or at least this song.

It mirrors so much of what I find myself going through lately and came as a gentle reminder. It is a topic I will most likely return when words make their way to my fingertips.

The above image stirred my emotions as I witnessed the Patriot Guard out in full force. All those motorcycles, engines roaring, flags waving and horns honking. I feel pretty sure this particular parade was a happy welcome home for some lucky soldier and his/her family. It was such a powerful moment, though. A moment of thanks to those who place themselves in harms way that the world be a better place. I was waiting in a left-turn lane and only had my trusty Polaroid SX-70 with me.

*Now Playing: Heaven Help Me by Gretchen Wilson - One of the Boys


Beth said...

OMG...those gotta remember those....

Shirley said...

I haven't heard this, but I don't listen to country music very often. Beautiful lyrics!!!

Eileen said...

I never heard those lyrics before, wow, so beautiful and powerful. Now I have to hear the song.