Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cloud Siren

Cloud Siren IMG_4048copy

I watched this cloud formation floating lazily along and knew I would have to try and capture her beauty. I love a cloudy sky in black and white but decided to share with you the original (although for honesty's sake, I did rotate the images).

Today, I did go for a haircut but didn't really make any changes. Trimmed it up, shaped it and cleaned up the dead-ends. I did tell her to make it fun. When I do it myself will be the telling sign. I was going to take a photo to share and do so outside but it was windy, really windy.

It's a great TV night with Grey's Anatomy and LOST or ER. Which to record, LOST or ER? I'm leaning toward ER. As for American Idol, I'm not disappointed to see Carly go home but why oh why do the judges continue to have a lovefest with David A? And am I the only person out there who doesn't understand the fascination with Leona Lewis? I just don't find her that good. I wonder, maybe not since Simon has been flooding TV with her and self-promoting her as the biggest star. And before I forget, how cute that Jason sang Memories from Cats. Of all the songs to pick, Memories, but you know, he made it work.

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