Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bench Under Willow

Willow and Bench

In between rain and storms yesterday, the clouds parted and the sun came out. After running my errands, I found myself at Veterans Acres with my Polaroid SX-70. It was a peaceful afternoon around the lake. The dragonflies are back. The ducks and geese are deep into nesting and even the turtles were sunning themselves . Soon, the lake will fill with the sounds of people fishing and walking but this day, I had it to myself. And I was grateful for the silence that was broken only by the whir of the Polaroid ejecting from the camera. I reluctantly came home and watched the skies darken for the afternoon rains. Today is cooler and windy. Such is spring, fleeting at best.

The kid did not go to the track meet yesterday as her knee was hurting her too much so to stand around at a meet until 10pm. Seriously, that is how long they were scheduled to be there (it was an away meet).


Eileen said...

I love willow trees. I just could sit under them forever. I got a shot of one down at the beach. I was walking along and there was a willow tree, right on the beach. It was so weird, but cool. I loved it. Later when my hubby and I were comparing pictures, he took the same shot, on his own private walk. Anyway, I love your photo. I would hang that over my desk, it just says peace and tranquility all over it.

Sorry about the crummy weather, it is now storming here too. Beautiful morning, storming, yucky afternoon. So dark and gloomy.

Been listening to the Juno cd lately. Those songs get addictive, they get stuck in your head!!

Photobonnie said...

Willow trees are so beautiful. :) Neat that both of you took the same photo.

Eileen, Juno comes up randomly on my iPod and I always smile.