Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pinhole Day

Willow Drapery

Today is Today is World Wide Pinhole Photography Day. It falls on the last Sunday in April every year. I use a bodycap that has a small pinhole on my Canon 10D. That said, a pinhole camera can be made from just about anything if you are willing to use film. Yesterday's wind made the long exposures necessary for pinhole a bit of a challenge creating lots of blur. Today's gloom and threat of rain/snow makes for a new set of challenges. Weather permitting, I may head out again.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

*Now playing: Where You Lead by Carole King - Tapestry (I miss Gilmore Girls)

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Cindi said...

me, too. miss the gilmore girls. i finally watched the last season (dvd) and was a little disappointed in it...
tapestry... i'm trying to remember if i actually had the album or if my boyfriend did. i do know i adored it. a classic. that would be a good dvd to download.