Saturday, March 08, 2008

Soup For the Soul

Pasta e Fagioli

Pasta e Fagioli, the meatless variety. As much as I enjoy a good steak or burger, there is a change occurring and I've been looking at more and more meatless alternatives. Getting the family to go along with that change is a bit more of a challenge but this one was a winner.

I am thinking of purchasing the new Canon flash (580ex II). I currently use a basic, off-brand flash and my results are inconsistent at best. I can take two photos, same settings (in manual mode) and one image may be okay but the other completely over or under exposed. Maybe it's some other custom function on my 10D that I've set. Anybody out there using a basic flash with a Canon camera? Ideas? The flash is kind of expensive, though. Knowing me, I'll think about it for a long time and by the time I decide to take the plunge, the next generation will be introduced.

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Beth said...

mmm, that soup looks pretty good to me...I'll be right over.

Don't ask me about camera crap...all I have is a Canon Rebel XT....nothing like what you have! It's perfect for me...RIGHT NOW...but I'm sure I'll want a bigger/better one later.

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Beth. The soup was tasty, even as a leftover.

As for your Rebel, it is fine camera and I have looked at the xti many times. I've had my 10D for 5 years and show its age at times.

Eileen said...

Gosh, that soup looks so good. We got hit with an ice storm, and that is the perfect food for an ice storm. I can taste it now, making me all warm.

I hope you get that camera. You deserve it, and you would put it to good use....right away.