Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If It Came In A Book


We would all be enlightened photographers. Knowledge does not come just from books.



It comes through experience. I've been experimenting with my flash and getting more consistent results. I've had the books on lighting and flash photography for somewhere around five years. Maybe it's time I not only read them but put the information to use and gain knowledge through experience.

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fletch said...

Using a flash or artificial lighting is something I've always tried to avoid. The results when I do use one are pretty much in the terrible category. There's always some new aspect of photography to explore and is what keeps the hobby interesting. Photography is like riding a bicycle; the only way to learn is to do it and maybe bruise your knees or ego a little in the process.

Beth said...

I love photography books!!!!

Photobonnie said...

Fletch, I know I avoid flash because I don't understand it nor do I often get pleasing results. I'd like to blame the equipment but that's only part of the problem. And it's a small part.

Beth, I love photography books, too!