Thursday, March 13, 2008


"Listen to your inner voice now that the Moon is in your sign, for it's encouraging you to leave the logical realms and step into more intuitive spaces. Forget about words for a while; you already know the truth. Sometimes precognition can make you feel uneasy as you struggle with the reliability of the information. A dose of emotional detachment can help you to be an objective observer of your own life."

It's not like I need any help becoming detached but I wonder what the Universe is trying to tell me with today's horoscope? I have my ideas and had already come to a similar conclusion.

With that, I think I'll don my favorite superhero's costume and hide for awhile.


It is odd, though, as a dream I had last night had me attempting to write a book, but as with most of my life, I couldn't decide on a format and the writing went nowhere. Words, eh? Maybe I should just focus on the photos.

*Now playing: Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional - Spider-Man 2

PS. I have yet to see the last Spiderman movie.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting, I know if I listened to my inner voice, my intuitive/gut feelings, I would be in a much better place. It is so hard to be an objective observer of your own life, but I think your on to something with spiderman. Let me know how it goes.