Friday, January 11, 2008



of Zin.... A snapshot of my day, well a day last week when we actually had sunshine. The sound of Chris Botti on the iPod, a good book and a bottle of red to contemplate.  Not fond of the light on the wall but it is what it is, a snapshot.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a set up for the perfect day! I loved Eat, Love and Pray. Zen is the way to go! Wishing you many days of peace.


Photobonnie said...

I couldn't pass up that bottle of wine with its label. I buy wine for the label, doncha know. And I've finished Eat Pray Love after savoring it for quite some time. :) Thanks eileen.

Anonymous said...

A lovely glimpse into your day! Blessings to you!

Beth said...

mmmm, Chris him. He makes that trumpet SING!!!

I think that's a beautiful picture. Do you take pictures every day? I think I will break tradition and make that my New Year's Resolution!!

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Shirley and Beth.

Beth, I used to try to take pictures every day but haven't. In fact, I've kind of lost that motivation/inspiration to pick up the camera lately.

Cindi said...

i like the light on the wall. and two of my favorite things on that table ~ chris and elizabeth. i, too, took a really long time reading her; i didn't want the journey to end.