Monday, December 17, 2007


I have learned that I have Safe Toilet Syndrome. That need for my own, comfortable toilet. Too much info for you? I only like to use my own toilet for bowel movements. :)The husband, he suffers not from this prehistoric condition. He's much more evolved and no longer fears the saber-toothed tiger.

And my horoscope outlook for 2008:

Rebuilding and realigning emotionally are your key issues this year with Saturn, the planet of hard, cold reality, in your 4th House of Roots and Foundations. Problems at home or in establishing a sense of safety and security can be resolved by reflecting on how you reached this point. Looking deeply into your personal history can be a painful process. Opening up old wounds may be the last thing you want to do. But this work, when done in a compassionate manner, will make you stronger and create a more solid foundation upon which to build your future.

Fun stuff, eh? I think I'd rather just go to the dentist or travel and suffer in silence. This could be a wild and crazy ride and perhaps this blog will reflect more of my struggles to find my way.

I'm on my notebook computer and my main computer is not on so I don't have access to my photos. You get just words and random words at that. And I've got to venture out for a birthday present. My daughter will be 18 this week. I feel so old.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to the thoughts about bathrooms. I think women in general relate to it. I think of a Raymond episode that was about this topic.

Photobonnie said...

I must confess to not being much of a Raymond watcher but I can say that I have a sister who doesn't seem to have the problem. Maybe she's the exception that proves the rule?

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate!! I wish my 12 year old did, I often find myself standing in yucky places, waiting. I dread when we are out and she says, "I have to go to the bathroom," because I never know how long I will be standing in usually, a very gross place. How is that for too much info.?

Wow, what a horoscope! You are certainly in for an interesting year. If that was my horoscope, I would also rather go to the dentist!!

I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday!! It does go by so fast.

No worries about the pictures, because I have been enjoying the pictures of picture's past (before I found your blog). They are so enjoyable, wonderful!