Tuesday, December 18, 2007



On the subject of bathrooms and potties, a Japanese company has created a portable potty for your car. It's small and even includes a privacy curtain ideal for when you are stuck in traffic. Kaneko Sangyo for more information.

I remember a portable toilet that my parents traveled with. I never had to use it but I do remember stopping along a dark roadway so my sister could. And a police officer pulling up to offer assistance. You would think she would suffer more from Safe Toilet Syndrome but nope. She can go anywhere, anytime and tell you all about it. Oh the things you remember out of nowhere.

The portable toilet is marketed to those who live in areas prone to earthquakes or extreme traffic jams. I can see a practical use for it in times of natural disasters but while traveling, not so sure since one (me) would still need to find a SAFE place.

And the countdown to Christmas has begun. Do you know where your cookies are? Mine are awaiting assembly and currently can be found in the form of flour, sugar, eggs, butter and other goodness. I will soon have to assemble said ingredients, form the cookies and bake in an appropriately hot oven. Soon but not today. Today, I am tired after not sleeping last night. A nap might be in my near future.

And if this entry hasn't convinced you to unbookmark me or that I really would rather do just about anything but delve into my issues, nothing ever will.


Beth said...

cookies...ya ya ya...tell me about that picture!! What was your shutter speed on that one? beautiful!

Photobonnie said...

Thanks beth. This one was actually done with my daughter's Canon S1. The settings were 1/2 sec at f8.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!! You're so not normal!!! Don and I were going into a store or mall or some such place over the weekend, and I notice a cute little girl sitting or standing in the back of a mini-van or something where the back was open (I didn't notice). I thought her outfit was a little unusual, and as we got close enough for me to better see her, I saw that she was sitting there, very prim and proper, with her little jeans pulled down, on a little potty seat. I guess when you've gotta go, you've gotta go!!!

Photobonnie said...

As the husband is fond of reminding me.... if y'all only knew. :)

Anonymous said...

Cookies? What cookies?

We are down to days and I have yet to bake my family's fav....gingerbread men! Soft, not crunchy. With just a layer of sprinkles.