Sunday, December 16, 2007

Take 1 and 2


I really want to get the two of them in a Christmas image but with Cassie being so much taller than SallyCat, it's difficult. Plus, SallyCat is not happy. Maybe I should just pose the two of them minus the antlers and lights? And maybe I need to find a spot in the house that has more even lighting but it's a start.


*Now Playing: A Living Prayer by Alison Krauss & Union Station - Lonely Runs Both Ways


Shirley said...

LOL! I love their expressions in the second picture. I bet they hate Christmas :D :D :D

As for the song, Living Prayer, they did that one when we went to their concert. You could have heard a pin drop. It was breathtaking!

Photobonnie said...

I must try this again with a better set up. Yep, they have that same look in the eye. SallyCat has forgiven me. ;)

The song is beautiful and I bet it was quite an experience live. Maybe someday... in another life, I'll see them live.

Cindi said...

i swear i don't know how you're doing it this year, but your pets are making great models. i can't imagine getting simba and 'choo in the same shot!