Thursday, November 01, 2007

Don't Think About It So Much


I was going to write a long essay on life, the things we hold onto and why it is so hard to part with those things. Instead, as I picked up my morning newspaper, a wrapper fell from it. The wrapper, placed by my daughter on her way out the door (her yelling up... there's coffee, music to my ears), was from  Dove Milk Chocolate. The Promise wrapper said simply, Don't think about it so much. Are there more truthful words out there for living a life free of worry and stress? Free of all those burdens that weigh us down. Our thoughts give those burdens more life than they deserve. Today, I am doing my best to not think about it so much. How's it going for me? I'm working on it and will continue in just a moment.

The above photo was taken with my dad's old Polaroid 250 Land Camera and 690 color film. Cassie doesn't think about it too much. She just enjoys the moment.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Cassie... :)

Photobonnie said...

If only it were that easy.