Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween


Moon and clouds (maybe iridescent) taken from a moving vehicle. No, I wasn't driving. ;)

If you have a few moments to spare, send some good thoughts and prayers to Angela and her family. Her brother suffered a tragic accident and has been in critical condition. You all have been on my mind and in my heart and prayers.

Be safe this Halloween.


Shirley said...

I've seen this effect a couple of times, and it is fascinating! You've captured it beautifully! BTW, I love Cassie's pink Flickr pic :)

Trish said...

It looks like it is reflecting in


Angela Klocke said...

Thank you so much, Bonnie...

Love the photo!

Photobonnie said...

Thanks all.

Trish, nope, not a reflection. It was the moon as a darker cloud overtook it. Eerily beautiful, I thought, and as I am easily amused, snapped from a moving vehicle.