Friday, August 31, 2007


I've smacked down many mosquitoes this night and still, I see two on my ceiling just waiting for the light to go out so the game can continue. If you're up and peeking through a window and see a strange woman suddenly start flailing her arms and slapping herself, no worries, it's just me. Me, smacking at those mosquitoes buzzing my head. I wonder what purpose the mosquito has in the scheme of life and nature other than surviving through time outliving even the dinosaurs. I've still got one eye on those last two mosquitoes. What good are screens when these little bloodsuckers manage to find their way in. Buzzz.......

Buzz,smack, buzz, buzz, buzz, smack, smack.... Hope I'm not still awake in another hour.

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Cindi said...

o, and we run the AC almost constantly which requires the windows (and screens) be shut. :) i'm just a tremendous help, aren't i?