Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mallard Lake

I can't seem to resist these signs. I find them humorous with their alien appearance. Oh, and no problem on the no swimming. That hill back there is a capped landfill that also does duty as a sledding hill during the winter months. The network of trails weaves around the lake and is handicapped accessible making it an easy walk. A word of caution, though. The trails are exposed to the sun and can become quite hot. There are a few unmarked trails that go off into the woods. Fishing is permitted as well as carry-in (non-gasoline) boating (with permit).

I'm off soon to get a haircut. Yes, dear readers, a haircut and it's only been about 6 weeks in between and not my usual, oh 4 months.

For more info on Mallard Lake. The photo was taken with a Lensbaby.


Elan Photography said...

i have a penchant for odd signs that make me laugh, too. :D wow - another haircut! we must see it. you know i'm obsessed with hair. ;-)

Shirley said...

I'm a sign reader and a t-shirt reader. Now...are you wearing a paper sack or was it a good haircut day! :D