Monday, April 23, 2007

It Must Be Monday

How did you spend Earth Day? We went to a local landfill turned park and wandered around. But first, my car. I think it knows, it really knows that my heart has been falling for a mellow, yellow Mini Cooper S.

Yesterday, the Service Engine Soon light lit up. Looking in the manual, something to do with emissions and communications. The car remains drivable but I have to call the dealership this morning, as soon as the dark, storm clouds pass.

I'll have a few photos from our trip later. I only used the Lensbaby and with a star disk creating lots of stars in the background and on highlights. Kind of wish I'd taken the time to replace the disk.

I must log off as it's getting quite stormy. Remember..... When it roars, go indoors.


Shirley said...

cool car, but will it hold a tripod? :D

Photobonnie said...

LOL, I think it can do double duty as a tripod!

Elan Photography said...

that's a purdy car, missy... i say go for it. :D

Photobonnie said...

Rational mind keeps taking over, cindi. It was fun to drive, though, so you never know.