Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's in the Eyes

When I look into her beautiful eyes, full of trust, I cringed. It was time to tear open a new bag of cat food. Food that I place my trust. A trust that recently has me questioning why I buy premium food only to have it "subcontracted" out to a no-name company that makes the not-so-premium foods. I would like to think that it's not just the formula, which in SallyCat's case is a prescription diet, but also the quality of ingredients that differentiates the cost. It would appear that was a false assumption.

What price does one place on their pets? According to law, they are objects and hold only cost. SallyCat was free and The Wonderdog came from a shelter. According to the law, they don't hold much monetary value. What these animals bring holds no price and can be summed up in one word; LOVE. They are far more than animals, they are valued members of my home. Part children and part therapist and part best friend. You just cannot put a price on that.

I've read the release notes and the food that I feed my pets should be safe and gluten free but you can bet that I will be watching closely for any strange changes.


Elan Photography said...

i'm scared to death everytime simba or a-choo eats. i, too, am on constant watch for any behavior out of the norm. what's happening w/pet food is so terrifying. i've been tempted to make my own. i'm certainly thinking of at least making simba's dog biscuits again - i did for years. at least then i'd know for sure.
put a price on our four-legged people w/fur? you can't. they enrich our lives beyond compare...

Photobonnie said...

It's terrible as the recall list keeps growing to include treats. Do you need wheat gluten in Simba's treats? For now, Cassie's food has been open for awhile and I just opened Sally's new bag of Prescription Diet (Feline C/D). If worse comes to worse, hamburger and rice can be cooked up for Cassie but that's a short-term fix only.

What's a person to do?

pearl said...

it's scary!
fortunately, nothing has happened around here - my cats and my mom's dogs are great.
love this beautiful portrait of Sally cat.