Thursday, April 05, 2007


I am so excited. Last evening, while cooking dinner, I saw movement around the retention pond and ran out with my camera. It was a Belted Kingfisher! I was so excited even though I couldn't get a photo of him/her. Today, I look out and see movement again, with my Mirror Lens (Cat Lens) attached, I tried for another photo. It's not great but proof that a belted kingfisher made landing in the backyard!! Not one but two were flying about even diving into the pond. I sure hope they become frequent visitors.

I only cropped slightly to give you an idea of how densely populated we are and the sizing of the bird, about 12 inches long. I'm thinking either my diopter needs adjusted or my eyes are really bad as mostly I have unfocused images, even on stationary objects.

Yes, I should have been at the gym (it's been too long) or at least doing my laundry but then I would have missed this sighting!!


Elan Photography said...

i totally understand your excitement! lucky you! and the image is wonderful. i've seen one once at the park and attempted a shot, but he was too quick for me. here's hoping they will be with you for awhile!! :)

pearl said...

and that's a great reason not to exercise! think of all the missed photo ops!!!!
this is awesome and hoping for many more opportunities for more pics.