Friday, October 22, 2010

Long time

No blog... I'm around, just busy with life and the pursuit of happiness and all that goes with it. Many trips to and from Ohio along with a vacation in the Outer Banks.

I've done a bit of journaling and sketching along with coloring. I've always loved to color and combining coloring with water is even more fun. I'm just a doodler... of both words and color.

I've played with my Polaroid cameras and even purchased The Impossible Project's newest films. Finicky but oh so lovely, this is Silver Shade, FF for the SX70.


Cheryl said...

I love how you experiment and how beautiful and cool your photos and projects come out. I'm always impressed with how you try new things, I think it is wonderful. Some of those trees sure reminded me of winter!!!!!

Shirley said...

Welcome back!