Monday, June 07, 2010

Grandmother's Bible

While I was home, I borrowed my grandmother's old bible. It is well worn and much loved.

If I could have one thing of hers, other than this bible, it would be her wedding ring, which she had given to me many times but I declined. Instead, I wrapped yarn around it so it would fit her finger. My Mother has it and I did ask for it before my wedding but she declined. I'm sure that the ring will be given to somebody else but such is life in my family.


Anonymous said...

I hope you do receive the ring; however, you've got the thing she cherished most...the thing closest to her heart.

That happened to me when my grandfather died. He had a hat and cane that I was always hiding from him. It was a game he and I played. It meant so much to me.

When he died, even though others knew about the connection I had to the hat and cane, I didn't get it. But I got his Bible, worn from the reading and re-reading. I received the thing dearest to him.

Bonnie said...

I'm going to return the Bible to the place I found it. I wanted to photograph it at home and with my Polaroid camera. It is well worn and the only date on it was handwritten by my grandmother, July 1938.

Beth said...

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