Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smoke Illusions

I started working on this book a few months back and slowly beginning to think I might publish it as is. Not that my other books have been successful in the shop but those that received my Wild and Scenic Shores as a gift enjoyed it. This book is smaller (40 pages) and won't cost as much. If I could test print with any accuracy, I'd be much more confident. I just want to make sure that it prints with good clarity. Before I can upload and make public, I have to keep an eye on my travel dates and make sure that I will be home to receive it.

I'm also contemplating a book featuring coffee and perhaps a second Polaroid book much smaller but the images will be all new (never published in book form).

It's not easy placing an image for sale let alone a book. So much of who I am goes into each image that it can feel like a personal rejection when the sales are less than stellar (or non-existent). I'm coming to terms with how silly it is to hold that opinion, after all, they are just images and sometimes words and the vastness of the Internet doesn't know me personally. If I don't set them free in some form, for others to perhaps own a piece, the part of me that is in the images will forever stay caged. Life is about taking appropriate risks and setting aside our personal fears to live a full life.

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Shirl said...

I know the feeling. This will be another I will add to my collection. Before arriving here just now, I had just gone to purchase the Polaroid book. I've wanted it since you released it but had to wait for my budget to catch up with my wants :) I'm anxious to receive it! I've always been a big fan of your photography, and I am so thrilled and have been so enriched by your sharing it. I don't always comment. I don't always know what to say. But know always that I always truly enjoy it! I can see your soul in each and every one of them.

You are doing what I am doing. I just uploaded Don's book that we put together for him. I don't know whether it will be released publicly, but I did want to get it done. We find that we get to enjoy our photography so much more through these Blurb books because it is so easy to just pull them out and browse through them.