Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had this long entry written about suffering in my head this morning but now I'm sidetracked by earthquakes and tsunami warnings. While my heart goes out to earthquake victims and those in the path of a potential tsunami, I must speak my mind a bit. An earthquake is a geological event, not meteorological. Interviewing a meteorologist is sort of like having an eye doctor extol the virtues of your exercise equipment as an expert. While man can cause an earthquake through explosions and mining, it is still a geological event. The weather has nothing to do with earthquakes. The movement of the earth's tectonic plates has nothing to do with how warm or cold it is. I suppose as a news source, you have a meteorologist on staff but a better person to interview would be a geologist. While there is a kind of meteotsunami caused by a deep depression and atmospheric pressure the sort that creates cyclones (hurricanes), this tsunami is a direct result of a geological event (wikipedia).

Enough said.

My heart goes out to those who are suffering and hurting in Chile, even while the world is still coping with Haiti.

I return you to winter fun.

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