Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Flower

Happy Flower

Well, I noticed that iTunes/Fox/American Idol and probably Lionel Ritchie have put up the video performance with Danny Gokey during the finale. I kind of hope for the Allison/Cyndi Lauper video/song. I’m sure they have to have permission from the guest stars to do so.

I was supposed to be on my way to visit with the parents today but best laid plans. Hoping to get out of here tomorrow for a few days. Whatever you have planned for this long weekend, keep it safe and have fun.

*Now playing: Sweet Silver Lining (Acoustic) by Kate Voegele - A Fine Mess (Deluxe Version)

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Shirl said...

Have a safe trip! We're staying home I suppose. Heading to Karri's Monday for the annual family cookout.