Friday, April 10, 2009

The Last of the Halo

mwhahahaha Hooooowl

You can take halo photos without blocking the sun but, to me, the halo stands out more with an object in front of the sun. Sometimes, you can find the right tree or building. I’ve even used a flower but I had nothing like that available. I started with grabbing a toy, liked that. Then, I thought ‘what if I use a flash to brighten the foreground object?’ I knew it wouldn’t reach the sky but would I like the results on the object. It was 50/50. Without the flash, the foreground object/subject becomes a silhouette.

Wishing everybody a Happy Easter and holiday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,
As always the pictures are AMAZING! I love the halo effect, so beautiful. Fitting for Easter

Have a wonderful weekend.