Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Tastes


The music is not for me but the latte was and is mine. I decided to try to convince myself to, if not like soy milk, to at least drink it. The health benefits of soy are clear. So far, I can't convince my taste buds that it tastes the same as regular milk. I even added a bunch of chocolate after snapping this photo and still, it tastes like, well soy. I was going to be a bit more crude with my description but changed my mind. Maybe, the next time I get the urge to try something new, the mister will stop me. Or at least recommend the vanilla. Vanilla, maybe that's the ticket. Vanilla flavored soy.

The husband said so, you're not going to be healthy. Like when am I ever healthy!!


Anonymous said...

I started with the Vanilla, Vanilla. Then went to Vanilla. Now I drink the chocolate soy milk.

I saw that CD lying by the checkout today where someone had apparently discarded it once they got up there.

Beth said...

look, I don't care how much vanilla you put in that still tastes like crap! YUK. And i really want to drink it cuz it's "healthy" for you. whatever. I'll stick to my 1% regular milk, thank you very much.

great photo.

Photobonnie said...

I can tell you no amount of chocolate made it taste good, even with a marshmallow.

Really don't think vanilla soy will be any better for me.

It does remind me of a soy milk based, heart healthy, fettuccine alfredo that I once made for dinner. Ya, we had pizza that night.