Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Like It


After yesterday's soy milk experiment and an encounter with a red wine that was not pleasant, I decided relaxing with a nice white wine with a fire warming the air would be perfect. It's so difficult to build a fire, let me tell you. Walk over, turn the gas on, point lighter and instant fire in the fireplace. I have been so happy that we bought the gas logs all those years ago. 

Lately, my evening walks (more like night) have been brisk. Last night, the walk that during the summer took 40 minutes, recently 30 minutes and last night, I did it in just over 20 minutes. Ha!! It was cold. What am I ever going to do when these autumn temperatures turn to winter? I'm ready to migrate, seriously. I can be a snowbird.

Speaking of which, I must run along. Things to do today, places to go, people to see.

*Now playing: I Want Something That I Want (Duet) by Grace Potter & Bethany Joy Galeotti - The One Tree Hill Sessions - Single

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Shirley said...

Love the snippet from your day! We are loving our gas logs here!!! We didn't get to use them much back in the spring when we moved here, so we have new things to look forward to! And I LOVE this shot!!!