Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy Day


It's been a dark day with rain and sometimes interesting skies. I had the idea to drive to Evanston in hopes of catching some interesting skies over the lake and maybe cooler temps. Neither happened but I did come upon the new sculpture at the Evanston Art Center. The photo was taken with my camera phone and sent straight to flickr without any editing.

It seems everybody wonders how I'll handle life once M goes off to college. It won't really change much except that I will be doing things on my own. The mister drove and it was not a barrel of laughs nor was the time spent at the lighthouse as I looked up at him, arms crossed and ready to go in a very short time. I can only think that those clothes that he wanted to iron must have been more important than spending the money on gas and time with us. I know we won't be doing those things together. He's made it too clear and that's that.

I'm going to try and walk Cassie in a direction away from the homegrown firecrackers all around. They really freak her out and she'll put on the brakes in a hurry. I had visions of carrying her home last night. She weighs in at just over 40lbs. A little jogging helped get her moving forward again. :) Hope y'all have had a great weekend.

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