Monday, June 23, 2008

Cupcake and Coffee


I've not done any writing on my piece of fiction. It's just an exercise in what I might be able to do. Not sure how much will ever be shared here or if I'll continue.

But I did bake some cupcakes. Who doesn't like a cupcake?! :) Happy Monday.


Trish said...

Oh man!

That looks so yummy - now I'm hungry.

Shirley said...

Got any coffee to go with that cupcake??? :D

Beth said...

yay for cupcakes! We are having cupcakes at my daughter's wedding...sheesh, I need to shut up on the wedding already.....

Photobonnie said...

thanks trish.

Shirley, of course I have coffee. ;)

beth, talk about the wedding all you want!!! I love that, cupcakes!!