Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Post Without A Topic

Cassie Got A Bath

Cassie, not long after her bath. Isn't she sweet wrapped up in a blanket? She was not happy to have a hair dryer pointed at her and drooled to let me know. Nor was she happy to pose for a photo with a blanket on her head but she was rewarded with a long walk. :)

My previous post about direction shouldn't come as much surprise. Even the title of my blog shows my confusion. In The Dark--Chasing Light is a play on words. As a photographer, I am continually chasing light and not just any light but perfect light. Staying until the last, golden streak of light leaves the sky and darkness falls. And yes, I do end up lost on many of my journeys.

It's also a title that brings forth my search for me. A search that will take me from the dark that is my mind and into the light. In my search for me, I have seen glimpses of her. The her I know I can be. Those glimpses keep me walking forward.

Even as darkness falls, it is never truly dark for stars fill the sky. Tiny, pinpricks of light guiding as they've guided for centuries. The moon slowly rises, casting shadows about and my photographer's eye begins to see forms that become trees, houses, cars, hillsides, lake, the forms that make up a place in time.

My inner eye, it still struggles.

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Shirley said...

wonderful post, Bonnie

Beth said...

I think Cassie is adorable...

great post

Eileen said...

I want to be the "her I know I can be" too. Moving out of the darkness towards the light is such a perfect title for your blog. Your photos, your innerself, is all about the moving towards the light. Your post is beautiful.
Cassie is so cute, even when wet.

Cindi said...

i love your analogies. you are on your path more than you know.