Saturday, May 03, 2008


Willow Tree Island 

My blog seems to have lost its direction. Its purpose has become unclear. When it started, I shared photos preferring to let the photo speak for me. As time went on, it morphed and I began to share insights and positive thoughts. Time jumps again and it has become babble about whatever crosses my mind. The only constant has been photos. The photos used to fit with the topic I was discussing but now, just like my babbling words, they no longer provide a foundation. They have become babbling, eye-candy.

I'm not sure where these thoughts are taking me nor where I'll end up. My GPS has lost its satellite signal and I'm wandering lost, floating around cyberspace. Will I find direction? Will I discover who I really am? Or will I just continue to be the babbling fool? Stay-tuned.....

Random Babble:

    • My vote is for the last.
    • Blogger now offers scheduled publish dates.
    • I am obsessed with Polaroid. Won't somebody please save Polaroid integral prints.
    • How long is too long to have Easter eggs?
    • It is a stormy day. Figures, it's senior prom day.
    • Must take in the straps on a prom dress.
    • Hope it stops raining so I can take a Polaroid of M wearing her dress.
    • I am obsessed with all things Polaroid.
    • I warned you.
    • I wrote this on Friday and set the publish date for Saturday.
    • I don't get up this early on any day, let alone Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, I enjoy visiting. Blogs are for ourselves and what we wish to do for the day. Lately, I babble a lot, and I've been absorbed with getting settled here in Bowling Green, but that's where my life is right now. You've probably noticed from my posts that I don't worry any more about who I am and haven't for a couple of years. I just live the day, and that is so liberating!

Jen said...

Do what moves you and don't worry about it. Mostly, thanks for letting us come for the ride. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen!

Cindi said...

deep thoughts. and i'm certainly not one to give advice on direction. i've changed mine drastically at times in my life ~ and others had to pay a high price.
that being said, i agree w/shirley that the older i get the less i worry about purpose and more about being. but that's me. and i'm a heckuva' lot older than you. :) you'll figure it out.