Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday's Funk


I seem to wake up in a mental fog. A funk so to speak. Some mornings, it doesn't last long but today it is lingering. Coffee hasn't helped. It's a mental funk. A funk that leaves me with little words and even less creativity. I start something but get sidetracked by a brain that doesn't want to focus on any one thing for long. It's times like this, I know that it's best to sit it out, allow the thoughts to come and go. My form of meditation. A walk will do wonders for me. A walk without the camera, just a walk with The Wonderdog.

Before I leave you this morning, a big hooray, America got it right on Idol last night. But what was with that band, Clark Brothers I think? They were awful. Muting them, the lead singer looked to be in pain but at least my ears weren't.

*Now playing: Your Heart Is An Empty Room by Death Cab For Cutie - Plans


Anonymous said...

I agree on that band! And I agree on the vote out. Take it easy. We're lazy today. A TON of rain predicted by tomorrow, and I'm already seeing a pond in my back yard. It has me concerned!!!

King Nabil said...

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