Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainy Days and Life

The rain of yesterday, along with the really dark skies, had me in a dark place. I was feeling a bit fragile, like the skeletal remains of a Queen Anne's Lace, trying to bravely face whatever life is throwing

Queen Anne's Lace

As I wake up today to a sunny day with puffy clouds floating by, I am feeling renewed. As I fell asleep last night, this song played on my iPod. I decided to include the video from YouTube. The lyrics, especially meaningful.

Before I leave you, though, America got it wrong last night. And how unfair to bring up last year, when they didn't send any contestant home only to send Michael Johns home? He rocked that song home on his exit. Dream On, Michael.

*Now playing: Dream On (American Idol Studio Version) by Michael Johns - Dream On (American Idol Studio Version) - Single

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Trish said...

having the same kind of rainy day blues here too. Good analogy with the Queen Anne's lace. . .fragile indeed.