Thursday, April 10, 2008



Much of our family moments have been recorded with Polaroid film. Am I nostalgic, you bet. Even before I had my own family, my dad documented holidays and big events with Polaroid. It felt like a special occasion film and always so magical. Am I obsessed with writing about it, maybe. But if somebody out there happens to Google the topic and lots of people are talking about the unique appeal of the Integral film, perhaps they will respond.

Speaking of analog, I've noticed more CDs are making an appearance on vinyl. Can you imagine that, an album!! Unfortunately, my stereo and turntable long ago ceased working. I would enjoy a turntable that you could play without a stereo system. What I wouldn't give for the turntable of my youth. It might have been a toy model and required a nickel or two on the arm but it worked. Sadly, it is gone.

On another note, I watched Oprah this morning and I think I will record it to a DVD on tonight's rebroadcast. The topic is pertinent to the family and I think it's important that you not give up hope so long as there is life, there is hope. That's my opinion. One stint in rehab rarely heals anybody, not the user nor the family. It is never a quick or easy fix.

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Cindi said...

o, so many good thoughts here, b.
i hold out hope that someone will pick up the polaroid cause as well. particularly in light of the resurgence in popularity! someone HAS to, right?
i saw oprah today, too, and found it touching and poignant. it's worth a shot! good luck!
and omg, we used to put dimes on our turntable arm! those were the days! :)