Monday, April 07, 2008

Polaroid does BlackHawk Memorial

Black Hawk Memorial 

While I was at the memorial, an elderly, gentleman offered to take our picture in front of the memorial. I quickly took inventory, one Polaroid sx-70, one dSLR (Canon 10D) with a Lensbaby attached and one film camera loaded with b&w film. I thanked him kindly for his offer but had to decline as my mind struggled to tell him how to focus a Lensbaby or mess with manually focusing the film camera.... and let a stranger touch my newly acquired sx-70... tempting but still, I declined.

Blackhawk as seen through the Lensbaby. Blackhawk

Have a great Monday. Mine got better after running to the store for milk so I could make my daily latte. :)

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Shirley said...

Love what you do with that Lensbaby!

Eileen said...

I have never heard of Black Hawk is amazing. Stunning. I love the shots. WOW! It really is massive and what a wonderful tribute to Native Americans.

Sophia Emmanuel said...

This is an amazing picture!