Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Motoring


A stop at Starbucks, gas for Maya the Mini and a quick trip into Kohl's for some shades and we were on our way. First stop, Rockford and Culver's for lunch. Sorry no photo but the cheeseburger and fries were yummy. Next stop, Black Hawk Memorial in Oregon, Illinois. No ordinary statue, it is a 50-foot, concrete-reinforced wonder that is awe-inspiring. A tribute to all Native Americans, but more commonly associated with Chief Black Hawk. It proudly overlooks the Rock River.

I took a few photos here and there but mostly just enjoyed the ride and company. One thing about driving a Mini Cooper, you are never without friendly conversation and questions about gas mileage and fun factor. I am always honest, it gets decent gas mileage, can be very noisy (wind factor) and often will break your butt. The ride is firm, very firm but the seats are excellent and hold you in place like no other. It's a little performance car and it is the most fun on four wheels especially in a standard shift. 6 speeds and turbo charged, it defines happy motoring. The mister, it gives him a headache. But wait, that could be my music and constant babble, too.

I drove as far south and west as Dixon, Illinois. Dixon's claim to fame, the childhood home of Ronald Reagan. After that stop, worked our way home but not before another Starbucks stop (this time at on Oasis, though). The day wasn't so much about photos as getting out and enjoying the weather without putting too much strain on daughter's knee. Didn't quite happen as we climbed the steps at Castle Rock.

The mister has already washed my car this morning after spending several hours reading Sunday's papers and is now at the gym. Me, I've lingered in bed with coffee and music but time to get busy. I've a mountain of laundry to fold and put away.

*Now playing: Wichita by John Corbett - John Corbett

Note, the above Polaroid was taken with my old One600. I took a couple of photos of Chief Black Hawk with the sx-70 and there is no comparison. I will have to get them scanned and color corrected (for my scanning) later today or tomorrow.

Have a great one.


Beth said...

"Mya the Mini"!!! LOL! We always name our cars too! My husband's old car was named "The Boswell"...I have no idea why.

I always love your photos...

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Beth!! Boswell, that's a cool name for a car or a puppy.

Maya the Mini is named after the old Nick Jr cartoon... Maya the Bee... the happy little bee.

Eileen said...

Maya the mini sounds like a fun ride on a nice day. Black Hawk sounds like an amazing place. I'm going to go look at your shots right now.