Monday, March 31, 2008

'Roid worthy

SX-70 and Flowers 

I acquired a Polaroid SX-70, Sonar version from a Flickr contact. We made a trade, one of my transfers for the camera. Oh how I adore this SLR, yes SLR Polaroid. It can focus just over 10 inches with a manual override. To accept the current version of film, a neutral density filter is required and Mark was kind enough to make that adjustment. This was perhaps the best Polaroid has ever been. I have long wanted an SX-70. When new, they cost hundreds of dollars and even on eBay, will often go for upwards of $100.

The 'roid in the photo, the first with the camera. Now, as I go through my day, I'm looking at potential subject matter and asking myself "Is it 'Roid Worthy?" With film supplies dwindling and hope fading, I know I will be much more particular. I wonder what will be my last 'roid?

I did snap a couple of 'roids with my One600 and wish I had the SX-70.

The Vermilion River from Gore Orphanage Road. There is a story to Gore Orphanage, the road and the bridge we were stopped. The two links I provided tell a bit of the history and lore. Much of the mystery has been debunked but still, there is something about the ruins and the land. The park district owns the land and no trespassing signs are posted. The ranger, if he catches you, will ask you to leave. In all the years I've known of the legend and driven the road, I have never walked to the ruins and this day was no different. It was muddy and time short so we made a tricky 4-point turn all the while me hoping we didn't get stuck in the mud.

Vermilion River

And this one of the Old Michigan City Lighthouse and Museum. It was heavily backlit as I was shooting into the sun. Not ideal but the best I could accomplish.

Old Michigan City Lighthouse

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! I think you made an excellent trade.
I like the pictures. Wonder what the mystery is, all that old legend and lore stuff. Gotta find out, sounds like my Bell Witch stuff.