Sunday, March 30, 2008

Michigan City Pier

Michigan City Pierhead Lighthouse

Spent a few days in Ohio and even though I didn't visit Lake Erie this trip, I did hop off the turnpike and visit Michigan City, Indiana and track down two lighthouses. This one, located on a long pier (with Chicago in the background) and the Old Michigan City lighthouse, now a museum.

Old Michigan City Lighthouse

A museum which re-opens in April. Just my luck that the grounds and lighthouse were closed. Notice that camera on the left? The Wonderdog decided that it was the perfect time to relieve herself (good thing I had a baggie in my pocket). Sometimes, I'd like to do the same with all the cameras recording our every movement. What you don't see in this photo is the cooling tower (not sure if it is in use) to a nuclear power plant. The beach front, gorgeous. The backdrop, industrial.

Oh, and nav systems are fun, especially when they want you to drive into a lake (Lake Michigan in this case)! ;)

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Trish said...

I love lighthouses - sounds like a fun trip!