Wednesday, March 05, 2008



It can be tough to be a Princess around these parts. A Princess isn't supposed to have to scrub toilets or clean up after the cat leaves a particularly nasty fur ball. We're supposed to be pampered. My problem, I'm not sure how to be pampered. What would I consider pampering? I don't like it when somebody else cooks in my kitchen. I tend to get frustrated when somebody else cleans and moves things around making me hunt for what should be easy to find. Sleeping in, perhaps. Coffee in bed? Yes, but only if the proper amount of milk to coffee ratio is present. I don't tend to like a hug unless it is quick. Mostly, if the hug goes on too long, I can't breathe. Chocolate always makes me happy for the moment but when I look at my waistline, not so much. Cleaning the toilets, yep, that's what you can do to pamper me.

How can you be pampered?

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Shirley said...

Neat shot! Miz Livvy loves to clean the bathroom, so her mama gets pampered. Come to think of it, so do I. Don cleans the bathrooms at home. I need to give him an extra hug!

Eileen said...

Cleaning the litter box and cleaning the bathrooms would be total pampering for me. I hate doing those chores. Hate it. I prefer to do the others, my way. Even the laundry, I like to do myself.
I do need my sleeping in time.
I do need to read the morning paper first (don't like it messed up). How is that for anal?