Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

The last three weeks have been a real learning experience for me. I learned where I come by my organizational skills (or lack there of). I learned where my messiness in cooking comes from. I learned that I have more patience than I could ever have thought. I learned that worry doesn't bring about change nor does it bring about a quicker answer.

Sometimes, all we can do is keep each other company. Our presence can offer support and take away the fear just as when we were children and our parents' hug could take away our fears.

I am home now and the house is still standing. The family even remembered to water my plants (small miracle there). The Wonderdog gave me the warmest greeting. We still have no real answers as to Mom's painful back. One day, the doctor offers reassurances and the next, more questions. Must remember that my worry will not help anybody but it is difficult and now that I am once again too far to be of help, the worry deepens. They really have nobody nearby to depend upon.

And I am so over winter.... fighting a cold as I type. I will do my best to catch up with everybody and make regular postings. One more thing I learned, the world still spins even when I don't pick up a camera for three weeks. ;)

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Anonymous said...

I know you must be happy to be home, even with the worry about what's going on with your mother. One critical thing I learned the past few weeks is that we really have no control! And you are right... sometimes all you can do is just be there. Take care of yourself!!!! I'm sitting here curled around a space heater by my desk, and it's no where near your cold temperature!

Cindi said...

hey you! i'm happy you're home with your family - I'll bet they all ('specially cassie and sallycat) missed you! yay for living plants!
i know all too well how hard it is to leave parents who are not well; but intellectually, anyway, we all agree we do what we can and life goes on. hope your mom finds some answers - or at least feels better.
and, yes, there's nothing like being around your parents for a few weeks one on one to understand yourself a little better. :) now you take time to pamper yourself and get healthy!!! hugs.

Photobonnie said...

Thanks Shirley and Cindi.

I can't seem to get warm and as I type, I see a flashing red 3!! It's 3 outside with dangerous windchills. I am so over winter.

Anonymous said...

I hate the cold too. I'm sick of it. Everything seems better in the warmer weather, when the green starts to come back.

I hope your mom starts to feel better. I know how frustrating it is, to see someone hurting, and have no answers. Glad you are home, time to be home.

Take care of yourself.