Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I ♥ You


A bit of warmth and love to all on this blustery, wintry day. This is my newest angel and a gift from my daughter (and husband--but I know it was my daughter who steered him so I consider it from her).

I was out of town when the Northern Illinois University tragedy occurred. I watched the news and waited to call home. The University is a popular choice among students in our area and I was concerned for my daughter and whether any of the victims were from her school. While none were from our town, they were from neighboring towns. It's a sad time. A sad time when while our brains try to find logic in a heart wrenching, terrifying and all too frequent event. A school shooting. Not only, as a parent, do we send our children off to school with all the so-called normal fears of safety but now, an even greater fear. As my daughter says, life isn't safe. I know what she is saying as in life, we are not granted any guarantees and to live life, one must accept that dangers lurk. The alternative is not to live and that would be another tragedy.

My heart and love are with all the victims of yet another tragedy.

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Beth said...

it is all sooo sad..and as a parent, you never stop worrying, no matter how old they get or where they go or what they do...

Shirley said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful picture. Beautiful angel...just as you are!

Eileen said...

Beautiful, beautiful picture and post. I love those angels, and your picture captured it in a way that is beyond words.

So very sad about the shooting.

So glad you daugher is safe.

Love and peace sent to you.